21 Oct

A Guide To Joining Bet365 : What Does Rollover Mean?

There’s a common set of questions that are often asked with regards to the biggest bookmaker in the world, and they all revolve around the same thing with the welcome offer at Bet365 – what does rollover mean? To gain a better understanding we need to take a look at how certain bookmakers give out free bets. Rival English bookies often require you to register, deposit and then place a bet. Following these required steps usually leads you to receiving a free bet. The free bet acts like a token – once it is spent it disappears and cannot be used again. Any winnings gained from this token can be instantly withdrawn.

Bonuses, however, operate completely differently. The bet365 bonus sits in your account balance and is used in the same way as your normal cash balance. The bonus funds can’t be withdrawn instantly though, as they usually require you to place a certain number of bets using them first. The amount varies from bookie to bookie, but the principle of playing through your bonus balance is known as the bonus rollover or turnover.

How To Withdraw The Bonus Balance


Withdrawing the bet365 balance is done in just a few simple steps.

  1. Place bets that amount to the size of your bonus at odds of 1.5 and above. A £50 bonus will require you to place £50 worth of bets.
  2. Watch as your bonus balance becomes unlocked.
  3. Play through your bonus and deposit amount three times. A £50 deposit will give you a £50 bonus, so you’ll need to place £300 worth of bets to cash out your bonus funds. (£50 + 50 = £100, then £100 x 3).
  4. Withdraw your bonus by going to Services > Bank > Withdraw.
  5. Enter your withdrawal amount and wait for it to be processed.

To fully illustrate the bonus rollover requirements and to see what exactly is required to withdraw your bet356 bonus, the guys at Compare The Bets have put together this incredibly useful little tool. It allows you to enter your desired bonus amount into their calculator, press generate, and view the exact steps that you need to complete.


Withdrawal Rules – Are There Any Hidden Requirements?


Bet365 will enforce certain withdrawal rules with your winnings. Customers must withdraw to the same payment processor or device that was used to deposit the funds into the account. If you deposit £50 by debit card and then another £50 by Paypal, you cannot withdraw to Paypal until you have withdrawn at least £50 back to your debit card first. This is a national requirement that bookmakers must follow to help prevent money laundering. Bookmakers must also ensure that their customers are residents of the country with which they are accessing the site from. They must also ensure that customers are of a legal age to gamble. This is done by Bet365 requesting pictures of proof of address and identification such as driving licences or passports.


Use The Generator To See How The Bonus Works For You


If you’re still a bit unsure when joining and wonder what exactly the bonus rollover is, or how to withdraw your free bet balance, just have a look at the bet365 guide at CompareTheBets. They go even further into detail with advanced guides into how to bet, how to withdraw, how to cash out, how to use the app, and more still. Definitely worth a look if you’re new to placing bets online.

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